Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Karate Curriculum Night

One adult karate class per week will be designated "curriculum night," meaning that only material that appears on rank tests will be covered during class. This material includes kata, techniques, ippon kumite, terminology, and oral exam questions. Drills, self defense curriculum, and jiyu kumite will NOT be taught during curriculum night.

The day on which curriculum night will occur will rotate; Monday one week, Tuesday the next, Thursday the following, etc. Drop Sensei Noah or Sensei Carol an e-mail to find out which night is curriculum night on any given week.

Curriculum night is a great opportunity for students to ask questions and to go through their specific rank requirements, whether you're a white belt, high ranking black belt, or anywhere in between.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Youth Karate Promotions - February 2009

Congratulations to the following youth karate students who advanced in rank on February 8th 2009:

Keith Weed - 8th kyu orange belt
Matthew Drinovac - 8th kyu orange belt
Michael Madden - 8th kyu orange belt
Arnold Perez - 8th kyu orange belt
Sidney Schwartz - 8th kyu orange belt
Chris Annabi - 8th kyu orange belt

Brendan Wallace - 7th kyu yellow belt
Sarina Matalon - 7th kyu yellow belt
James DeRonda - 7th kyu yellow belt
Vincent Ribeiro - 7th kyu yellow belt

Keon Brock - 6th kyu blue belt

Richie Gleason - 5th kyu green belt
Richard Bernstein - 5th kyu green belt
Haley Kelly - 5th kyu green belt
Melee Jack - 5th kyu green belt
Lawrence Gisser - 5th kyu green belt
Gavon Mitchell - 5th kyu green belt
Noah Kemp - 5th kyu green belt
Matthew Simpson - 5th kyu green belt

Andrew Gannon - 4th kyu purple belt

Congrats to all of our youth karate students for all of your hard work & effort and dedication to the dojo, whether you advanced in rank this month or not!

Congrats to Ned Flanagan & Pat Coyle

Congrats to Ned Flanagan, who tested for the rank of 4th kyu green belt in ju jitsu, and to Sensei Pat Coyle, who tested for 5th kyu yellow belt in police tactics ju jitsu on February 7th 2009.

O mede tou!

Lil' Dragons Rank Advancement - February 2009

Congrats to the following Lil' Dragons, who tested for rank on February 7th 2009:

Ben Lowder - orange stripe
Ian Rutledge - orange stripe
Brendan Fiore - oragne stripe
Hudson Sperrazza - orange stripe
Anthony Zreik - orange stripe
Daniel DeChristopher - blue stripe
Abagail Lowder - green stripe
Parker Sperrazza - green stripe
Curt Calov - purple stripe
Andrew Kappmeier - Lil' Dragons yellow belt

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Congratulations, Sempai Chris & Sempai Valerie!

Sempai Chris Pace and Sempai Valerie Holmes tested for the rank of 9th kyu orange belt in kobudo on February 4th 2009.

Congratulations to you both! O mede tou!