Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adult Shiai Photo Essay

An absolutely STUNNING slideshow comprised of 280 photographs taken by Sempai Holly Schnaudigel of our adult karate shiai on May 4th 2008 is now available to view online. Check it out at:


All photographs are ©2008 by Holly Schnaudigel. Used with permission of the artist.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Karate & Kobudo Kyu Rank Changes

In order to endeavor to achieve a level of synchronicity between our youth & adult karate kyu ranks, we are changing the adult 6th and 5th kyu belt colors from green (with one stripe) and green (with two stripes) to solid blue and solid green.

The order of the kobudo 6th - 4th kyu rank colors will also be changed, from purple, green, and green/black to green, green/black, and purple. This will put our kobudo system more in synch with our karate kyu system, as well as the kobudo kyu level system of our sister school in Michigan, Golden Dragon Martial Arts.

These changes will take effect immediately; however, students who already have 6th/5th kyu belts in karate or 6th/5th/4th kyu belts in kobudo will keep their belts until their next test, at which time they will roll over into the new colors.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ju Jitsu Photographs

Photo highlights from Pat Coyle and Ned Flanagan's 6th kyu ju jitsu test can be viewed at


All photographs ©2008 by Lori Schiavone; used with permission of the artist.