Saturday, January 16, 2016

Youth Karate Shinsa Results - January 2016

Congratulations to the following youth karate students, who tested for rank in January 2016:

Francesca DeBenedittis - 8th kyu orange belt
Alexander Yagnetinsky - 8th kyu orange belt
Kylie Recuppio - 8th kyu orange belt
Leo Gutowski - 8th kyu orange belt
Michaela Rajaratnam - 8th kyu orange belt
Joseph Liberatore - 8th kyu orange belt

John Vukelj - 7th kyu yellow belt
Michael Spyropoulos - 7th kyu yellow belt

Jeptha Russel - 5th kyu green belt

Jaxon Weed - 4th kyu purple belt

Anna Vukelj - 3rd kyu brown belt

Allison Scheidt - 2nd kyu brown belt

Maysea McShane - 1st kyu brown belt

Evan Cross - Shodan-ho junior black belt - 1st level
Diego Vasquez - Shodan-ho junior black belt - 1st level

Kelby Dath - Shodan-ho junior black belt - 3rd level

Omedetou gozaimasu!!

And to all of the students who tested but did not pass this time around:  excellent spirit!  Keep pushing yourselves, and you'll do it next time!!

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